Community Strategic Planning

With extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of community, we are able to assit communities to develop strategic plans that are aligned appropriately with the community’s vision and values.  By diving deeper into core issues, combined with laser like strategic visioning focus, we can help communities develop detailed plans that will be successfully implemented and sustainable.

Re-Imagining Communities

Uplifting Communities for a Happier and Sustainable Future

“Most leadership failure can be attributed, not to a lack of knowledge and resources, but to a failure of imagination.  The rapid proliferation of concepts, models, knowledge and technology has not been matched with our corresponding capacities to re-imagine our world.  Yet without an imaginative response we cannot see the overall patterning of the whole.”
— Michael Jones

Re-Imagining Community programs are designed to guide residents in creating specific,  actionable plans for their community’s sustainable future.  At the heart of this work lie a few core processes and practices:

  • Community and Project Assessment – This is an initial phase that involves meetings and interviews with key local organizations, community and business leaders to better understand the goals and objectives of the community and to develop more detailed recommendations.
  • Strategic Questioning & Discussion – Before a local community can build a plan for the future, it must recognize what is not working, the parts its history that are recreated again and again that have outlived their usefulness.  For people to be deeply committed to change, and to maintain that change, people must understand why the old ways are not working. This means raising mental awareness through deep questioning and discussion, and from this discussion beginning the “re-storying” of the community.  Here the group will consider questions like: What is the purpose of our community?  What is the “right size” for our community?  What beliefs and values are steering us?
  • Comprehensive Asset Mapping – This work involves moving beyond the normally considered community strengths to gain shared understanding of all assets, in addition to physical and mental resources; identifying unique and often hidden capacities and how best to use all of these assets to plan from a place of strength and wisdom gained for the collective experiences of the local participants.
  • Visioning / Planning – Sometimes it is necessary to begin with helping communities mend old divisions in order to develop a new spirit of cooperation.  Participants work together to develop a new story for the emerging new local, regional and global economic and social models beginning with guiding principles and values. The planning process helps communities nurture their unique character and culture while not creating barriers for collaboration within the community and with other communities.
  • Skill BuildingThis training engages stakeholders in collaborative problem solving and personal empowerment to develop the leadership skills to help transform self interests of individuals into community interest.
  • Best practices – To help a community develop a tangible action plan where progress can be measured and accountability and expectations are understood by all participants, it is important to examine successful models implemented by other communities to either duplicate or modify as best suited for a unique community.
  • Future Webbing – This involves creating the structure, communication network and development path for the future vision of the community now functioning as an uplifted community with a genuine sense of unity, locality and pride in their uniqueness and self sustainability for future generations.
  • Establishing Glocality– Helping communities understand their role in the world and how they can contribute to planetary sustainability in ways they never thought possible.

What We Believe

We are committed to supporting individuals, communities and organizations that are invested in creating whole system, systemic change.  We actively embody the following beliefs, which we hold to be intrinsic to our nature and foundational to our future:

  • We are ONE – The lives of residents in a community are interdependent. There is no such thing as an isolated choice, every choice impacts something or someone and does not happen in a vacuum.
  • Choices are complex in this interdependent reality, so we must consider their consequences to the 7th generation.
  • We are planetary citizens.  Just as residents are interdependent upon each other within a community, so are communities around the world interdependent upon other communities.  We do not see the world as a resource for consumption, but recognize our need to become stewards of the natural and manmade world that we are a part of for our children and their future generations.
  • Our independence is dependent upon on interpendence.  Helping each person and community to become independent is the fastest way to achieve world independence, sustainability and increase freedom.  To achieve this, we are all interdependent upon each other.
  • Beliefs and values are the ‘soul’ or foundational drivers of a community.  We must be willing to consider the core beliefs that underlie our individual and community decisions if we are to be successful in moving in new directions.
  • All residents as human beings are creative by nature and have untapped depths available for problem solving and visioning the future; they have access to wisdom beyond their local, historical upbringing.
  • We have the power to make the changes needed to sustain our future.  That power does not lie outside us, but exists in the room, wherever there are committed individuals gathered together.
  • The actions of individuals and the collective actions of communities can make a profound difference at this pivotal point in our planets evolutionary history.
  • We can achieve unity without uniformity.  Cultural and economic diversity is welcomed and is a unique gift that each community can offer to the world.
  • It is the combination of focused strategic actions guided by core values and principles that are key to achieving successful change in any community.

For More Information

If you are your organization is interested in helping your community move forward with it plans for a brighter and more sustainable future, contact Mike Krajovic through this website or via email directly at [email protected]

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change a community . . . and from there, change the world.” Mike Krajovic