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Name: Mike Krajovic
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Mike Krajovic is President and CEO of the Fay-Penn Economic Development Council located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. He has worked on community and economic development for over 20 years. He is actively engaged in working with communities through his Reimagining Community initiative.

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By Michael Krajovic,  Uplifting Humanity 7/5/11 (Preface – This is an article dealing with American agriculture that is globally relevant.  Most of the world is trying to achieve America’s level of industrial agriculture, but is not aware of the America’s decline in food quality or availability.  The recommended proposal, while innovative and urgently needed, is… Continue reading »


Humanity’s Biggest Threats Are Self Created

Humanity is facing several global challenges threatening its own survival. They are not the usual planetary apocalyptic suspects. Species have come and gone on the planet earth for millions of years. This is nothing new according to science. Their extinction was a result of natural catastrophes like asteroid collisions, polar shifts or massive solar flares.… Continue reading »


21st Century Capitalism…Adam Smith Would Be Appalled!

One of the key concepts associated with capitalism is “free markets.”  But in recent times, the 21st Century Market has malignantly taken on a life of its own that is destroying individual freedoms.  Adam Smith, the 18th century prodigy credited with being the father of modern capitalistic theory, would be appalled.


The 21st Century Market…And How It Is Destroying Our Freedoms

One of the key concepts associated with capitalism is “free markets.”  But in recent times, the market has malignantly taken on a life of its own that is destroying individual freedoms. This modern — super-computer operated Market of 21st century capitalism — has become the guiding principle of our government and society in general. Politicians… Continue reading »


Creating Your Virtual Life: A Tribute to Randy Paush

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is a book that initially caught my eye on the way into a local bookstore with its bright red 40% off discount tag.  I had remembered seeing a program on TV about the Last Lecture, the final talk on campus given by a Carnegie Mellon professor who was diagnosed… Continue reading »


To Cure Cancer, We Must Be Careful What We Wish For

I find it both amusing and tragic that while society claims it is searching for a cure for cancer it seems to overlook what causes cancer.  Is it just a giant mistake or something more insidious behind the claims that we really don’t know what causes it?  China had little cancer a few decades ago. … Continue reading »


The Rise of Atheism, The Rise of Spirituality and the Uplifting of Religion

Having been a student of beliefs over the last seven years, I have been interested in asking what is behind the atheistic movement.  I have watched Sam Harris present his work “The End of Faith,” a book that I have along with other atheists’ works in my library.  As a subscriber to Free Inquiry and the Skeptical… Continue reading »


It is Time for New Regional Visions

There are hundreds of metropolitan regions in the world each made up of hundreds of smaller communities. They are the center of nearly 90% of the world’s economic activity. The United States alone has grown to include 130 metro-economic regions with populations over 1 million that generate 85% of the country’s GDP, and most of… Continue reading »


Spiritual Activism

SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM ….it’s much more than just a call to action! If you are reading these words, it is probably because you are one of many people that are drawn to the intrigue of seeing these two words used together – spiritual and activism. Everyday more people are sensing an internal call to get involved… Continue reading »


The Myths about Money, Time, Interest and Inflation

Money, time, interest and inflation have weaved together to become powerful manmade myths.  These myths are now the foundation of our economic systems and have the potential to destroy the world as we know it.  To understand how this could possibly be true, let us start off asking the simple question why the money in our… Continue reading »

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