Dysfunctional Human Operating Systems and the Problems They Create By Not Providing What the World Really Desires

Dysfunctional Human Operating Systems and

 ……. the Problems They Create By Not Providing What The World Really Desires

                          By Michael Krajovic                  

                 Humanity needs a lift.  It needs to uplift itself from its self destructive path to evolve to new and higher levels of peaceful and sustainable existence.  Why? Because it would be in humankind’s best interest to do so for two very good reasons.  The first and most obvious reason is to avoid the growing potential for global catastrophes threatening its own survival.  The second reason is to improve how the world operates so diverse societies could significantly improve their abilities to fulfill fundamental human desires.  The inability and growing failure of human societies to empower people to provide for their basic desires is a primary reason why the world is facing so many challenges.  People are angry and frustrated.  They are tired of living in fear and stress about how to pay their bills, whether they will be able to find or keep a job, or worse if they will have shelter for the night, clean water to drink or food to feed their families.  At all levels of Maslow’s model of human needs from basic survival to self actualization, human societies have failed to create systems that enable all people to live fulfilling, happy and peaceful lives.

                 Despite all of the world’s recent advances in technology to make living easier, even in the wealthiest countries, this has not been accomplished for the vast majority of people.  At best, the world can point to certain classes of people in a relatively small number of countries, as examples of social success in meeting some of these needs.  This success is most often defined as having wealth, but as time has shown over and over again, wealth does not guarantee fulfillment, peace or happiness for anyone.  And so the statement still stands, the world’s operating systems – governmental, political, economic, educational, religious, and others – despite having centuries to demonstrate their effectiveness, have failed to provide an adequate way for all people to meet their basic human desires.  After all, if the goal of human society is not to fulfill human desires, then what is the intended goal? 

                Being part of a community where all are respected, admired for their own unique contributions, allowed to freely pursue their work and passions to achieve a sense of fulfillment, where all can prosper, and live peacefully, feeling safe, loved and be happy, is the goal for billions of people on the planet.   Is this so unreasonable to be so out of reach?  Desiring these things in life is natural. They are good things.  Desiring them is being human, and in fact lies at the core of what is considered the highest attributes of humanity.  It drives our evolution as a species.  When one looks deeply at human motivation that drives the collective intention of the world, everyone on the planet is striving for the same things. 

                And so humanity through its different governments and societies has organized itself to help people fulfill these natural desires.  For example in the United States, the justification for going to war against British rule and to form its government over two hundred years ago was based on the founding principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness where it organized its society through its new form of democratic government with the purpose to achieve security and happiness of its people.  Having witnessed and experienced the abuses of capitalism and aristocracy, Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, founded communism as another attempt to organize/govern society, and there have been many other attempts throughout history, many going on right now such as China’s one communist authoritarian party, Venezuela’s social dictatorship and the European Union’s confederation of nation states.

                The cumulative result of all of these efforts is the current state of the world which is facing ongoing wars, terrorism, economic and financial stress, environmental distress and a growing scarcity of resources, just to name a few issues. It is clearly observable that it is difficult for most people of the world to attain a state of existence which reasonably satisfies all of their basic physical needs let alone fulfill all of their human desires.  There are some people that have achieved many of these desired experiences, but there are very few, in fact a tiny percent of the world’s adult population, that feel that they have achieved all of them.  The aim of fulfilling these desires was once summarized in its highest interpretation at that time in history as living the American Dream.

                 Sadly most people in the world can only dream of living such a life; and their numbers are increasing everywhere, offsetting the number that are having their basic needs met for the first time in developing countries.  Developing countries is usually the term used to describe countries that are experiencing economic growth for the first time thereby economically empowering some of its citizens to provide for their basic needs and move up the socio economic ladder.  Unfortunately, most economic advances in these countries continue to come at the expense of the environment.  Advances in one part of the world, now often come at the expense of people in other parts of the world, not just ecologically or environmentally, but from the outsourcing and off-shoring of jobs from developed countries to developing foreign countries.  For circumstances beyond their control, many people fear that they might lose their job or savings, and along with it, their ability to meet the basic needs of their family.  Many will never get to experience prosperity, acceptance or health.  Some will never feel secure, free of constant worry, respected or loved.   With all of the advancements of modern society, our systems of operation are still so primitive that we still struggle to provide basic safety defined as physical protection rather than evolving to be a more enlightened society that is not just safe, but free of fear.

                   Many people would argue that this is not possible stating that the many of the people in the world aren’t seeking these underlying human desires at all.  Having been taught the basic evilness of man, they believe human beings will always compete against each other because it is a world driven by the animal instinct of the survival of the fittest.  They can point to human behaviors which could be interpreted to be below those of animals who take just what they need when they need it.  Who does not know of someone who wants more than just prosperity, but is motivated by insatiable greed?  How many wealthy corporate executives financially support politicians in return for favorable treatment to make more profit?  Who does not know someone who does not just want to be accepted, but has to be right all the time to extent of becoming extremely intolerant of others?  Many human beings don’t believe there is enough for everyone, and so out of fear of being left out; they fiercely compete against each other.  Who does not know of a story of someone who would betray, cheat or steal from others to get ahead?  Many of those that are fortunate enough to have saved more than they need, live in fear of losing what they have or that it won’t still be enough over time.  Some don’t have enough, so they go to war and kill others to get what they want out of either greed or desperation.  Their desires just can’t seem to be fulfilled.

                   On the other side of the economic spectrum, many want everything given to them without contributing anything back to society in exchange for it.  They lack fulfillment as well, in fact are perhaps missing it the most, leading to unhappiness, depression, anger and even violence as can be seen in many public welfare projects.  It can become multi-generational and create an addicting culture of slothful entitlement.

                  Many people are afraid of being wrong and losing respect from others.  Or they are afraid of being different and not loved by others, so they hide their true selves in a cave of unhappiness and false images, never feeling totally free to express themselves, never feeling fully alive.  Many feel so insecure that they close their minds and won’t listen to new ideas or consider alternatives for change. They have to right all the time. Some so deeply crave admiration that they rapaciously pursue more of whatever they feel they need with the hopes it will attract the attention and envy of others to satisfy their inner craving for recognition.

                 While all of these behaviors are observable in everyday life, they are unnatural for humans.  They may be normal in today’s world given the current circumstances, but they are not natural human traits.  They have become so normal that many believe they are the natural state of being human.  These primitive behaviors have been going on for so long that people can’t imagine it being any other way.  They have become embedded into the culture.  Even some religious beliefs which accept these behaviors as inevitable based on the idea of the original corruptness of man which helps to reinforce these behaviors, have had to resort to fearful theological constructs to try to keep these behaviors of greed, violence, theft, jealousy, laziness and narcissism under control.  Similarly, modern society continues to pass more laws to try to control behaviors through its criminal justice system in order to attempt to maintain civility.  There are now so many laws that there are not enough resources to adequately enforce them.   As a result, the thought of redesigning the world’s operating systems to better fulfill human desires can be quite alarming to most people.  They fear the worst based on what they have been taught is the inner nature of man and based on the behaviors they have observed in so many people, and from their own personal experiences.

                  Some may feel guilty of their own actions or for having their own temptations where they have failed to follow the Golden Rule of love which would create more noble behaviors such as sharing, fairness and peace.  But this article is about bringing hope to those people and all of the people of the world, who need to realize that they have been culturally programmed or even forced to act far below their divine potential, simply because they are stuck in a society that created the environment which almost requires those lesser thoughts and behaviors in order to meet their basic physical democratic needs and fulfill their deepest yearnings.  It is difficult not to fight back, for some to be tempted to steal or commit fraud, when living in a society that rewards those that fight the hardest to win the economic competitions over others in order to be successful.  It is nearly impossible not to feel threatened or worried listening to crime after crime in the news, of bankruptcies, plant closures, rising deficits, inflation, higher medical costs, food costs, energy costs, hearing of continual environmental disasters and threats, or observing the grotesque levels of violence in our culture as can be seen in the hundreds of murders and other violent acts people watch each week on TV for entertainment.

                  To overcome this mythical, manmade fear about human nature, humanity needs to take a moment to pause and take a deep breath and deeply reflect.  Humanity must be completely thorough and discerning to recognize the root causes of these unnatural behaviors.  We need to notice that if they were natural, our children would act far differently than they do from birth as infants and toddlers before they start to mimic unnatural, but learned behaviors from their family and social environment. Upon factual observation, honest reflection and logical analysis of cause and effect, people will find that nearly all of these disreputable behaviors are the byproducts of the way the world arbitrarily organized itself according to multi-levels of governance and their social systems.  Whether they are political, social, economic, religious or any other self-created systems, all have failed to provide what all human beings truly desire as uniquely expressed through each individual.  In combination, all of these systems may have worked well for some people over time, mostly the winners of the competitive economic processes, but not for many.  These primitive social systems are now leading to even greater divides between the Haves and the Have Nots.  The more that fall behind, the more pressure is put on government to react as a safety net.  The need for more government is actually an indicator of the failure of other systems.  The larger the government, the higher the tax rate increasing resentment towards government and a further separation between people and their own democratic government.  Even if these systems have worked to benefit a few, they cannot work much longer, maybe just a few generations longer,  as major global issues converge in a collapsing collision of growing population, resource depletion, environmental degradation, food and water scarcity and economic failures.

                  These and other failures which have resulted in distorted human behavior patterns are not natural because they can be observed to be unsustainable.  They are contrary to the natural flow of creation or the state of nature which is naturally self-sustaining.  Even at the world’s current level of awareness, people want to survive.  Life does not desire to devolve into self destruction.  But all one has to do is look at the direction of the world and determine if it is sustainable.  Clearly as the world is currently operated by humans, it is not functional nor are the behaviors natural; otherwise it would be naturally self-sustainable.  The combined effect of these dysfunctional operating systems and behaviors has resulted in humanity facing several global challenges threatening its own survival.  The world‘s dysfunctional systems perpetuate some of the most inglorious behaviors of humankind such as conflict, violence, corruption, competition, scarcity, hoarding and despair which have been blindly accepted as unavoidable due to the false belief in the imperfect nature of humankind, while ignoring observable facts about the ineffectiveness of the design of these systems.  As a result, very little effort is put towards the rethinking of systems.  Mush effort is put towards reacting to various crises as they are created by these systems, but very little towards understanding the inherent flaws in these systems. 

              The problems they create have been intensified through advances in technology, combined with a lack of understanding in how to use them wisely.  These culturally embedded beliefs and behaviors are why the world cannot solve its increasing social problems.  Whether they are technological, environmental, ecological, biological, chemical or ethical, they have all been self created through unhealthy levels of self-righteousness, ignorance, greed and fear.  Unaddressed, their combination is fatal through a continuous downward spiral of moral and social degradation.  The human species is trapped in a serious situation where its primitive social systems have created a culture that self perpetuates the behaviors it purportedly despises.  In turn this culture has institutionalized the dysfunctional systems in an unending, self destructive cycle. 

                 Due to the continuous economic hardship and struggles they create, many people believe the answer is money.  More money will help people to realize their dreams, and solve the environmental and other problems.  This is why so much energy is spent on debating fiscal policies at all levels of government, all around the world.  The economy preoccupies nearly every national government as the primary concern.  Money and all of its derivatives of economics, debt levels, tax policy, financial regulation, trade, currency exchanges, etc., make up the number one reason governments around the world now meet.  At the highest levels it involves debates on the merits of capitalism and socialism.  Most of this hardship and debate is the result of little understood, obscure monetary systems that regulate the circulation of money as a form of credit, ensuring a continuous shortage of money, increasing levels of debt, constant inflation and economic turmoil worldwide.  The world is trying to organize itself into one global market, economic and monetary system – a New World Order, but due to the inherent faulty design of these systems based on illogical assumptions such as the need for continuous and infinite world growth, they are collapsing.

                 And so the world struggles along as if falling down a flight of stairs, feeling each bump after painful bump as if in slow motion, trying to solve growing problems with less money, not realizing it is trapped in a bubble of its own making that eventually has to burst with dire consequences.  These bumps are felt by most people whose lives get disrupted, and by those who care enough to be concerned about the well being of others now and into the future.  Some, just a few, are thriving on the chaos and conflict, as the corporatization of government and the global scalability of profit-taking continues to concentrate wealth and influence into fewer and fewer hands.  But this is only temporary, because the system is not ultimately sustainable.

                  Stuck with using the current monetary system, there is no doubt that certain level of wealth can provide basic necessities for survival, reduce stress of financial uncertainty, and increase freedom and access.  That’s why so many people crave more of it.  It is also why so many people say the main problem with the world is greed, while just as many people believe if it wasn’t for people wanting to have more, there would be no new investments, no advancement, no evolution or no purpose of life.  Some who have much more than they need, want more, even going to the length of stopping efforts to help others who have very little from having a little more.  They see the gain of the many coming at the expense of the few.  They are all right, because this is the nature of life in a society that has created and uses these systems that basically have not changed for hundreds of years. With limited resources, and a continuous shortage of money supply, most gains do have to come at someone else’s material expense.    If not someone else’s, then from everyone’s through the destruction of the world’s eco-systems needed to sustain all of life. 

                   Even the world’s education systems are organized around the purpose to educate children so they can successfully compete against other children because they are forced to in this economic system where it is not possible for everyone to win at some level.  What message does this send our children?  As the world competes for a limited cash flow, the world’s universities have had the integrity of their research corrupted by the need to rely upon corporate money to operate.  This money comes at a price to make sure that research conclusions economically favor the corporate donors.  This makes it easy to understand why the world’s leaders who were once children growing up in these same systems cannot work together to develop new solutions to the world’s most serious problems.  They have been taught since childhood about the need to compete and in some cases to compromise their personal integrity in order to be successful.  They don’t know how to cooperate as a unified group and create worldwide win-win situations for everyone, let alone in their own country.  Alliances are formed to compete against other alliances.

                  Humanity can and must do better.  It must stop acting like money is the solution, but recognize the scarcity or craving of it as a symptom of a much larger problem.   We all say that there are many things beyond wealth that money can’t buy, but we don’t act like we believe it.   Our systems do not support this higher thought.  Wealth might be able to provide physical pleasures by creating external sensory experiences, but it can’t buy sustainable happiness, which originates from within.  It cannot create true respect, honor or integrity, so vital for admiration. It might serve as one way to help achieve self actualization and express creativity, but it is not the source. Most importantly, money can’t love. 

                Humanity must begin to recognize that the real problem facing the world is not human nature or what the people of the world are trying to achieve at their underlying levels of truth, but how people have organized their world to achieve them based on false beliefs about themselves and others.  The reason why our social systems have grown so complex is that people keep trying to fix the systems that are inherently flawed at their fundamental design, by adding new bells and whistles, to try to give them more of what they want.  Most of the attempts to fix them are often influenced by special interest groups focused on seeking a financial advantage over others.  More and more frequently, these revisions lead to greater complexity, corruption and even greater wealth for just a few.  Whether it is modern finance, tax codes, religious dogma, regulations, laws, legislative processes, new type of churches, education programs, new technologies, bigger government or whatever, the modern world despite its best efforts, has not addressed its fundamental problems, but simply made things more complicated.  To paraphrase Albert Einstein –“any intelligent fool can make things complicated, but it takes real genius to make things simple.”  The world is filled with many well meaning, intelligent specialists who cannot see outside the bubbles of manmade systems they are working in, along with all of their limitations.

                 The world has made its operating systems so complex and dysfunctional that the world has lost its ability to control them, and in most cases even explain them.   For example, that is why despite the importance of world economics, most economists cannot agree what to do.  More importantly, the world has lost its sense of direction, and the sense of purpose of its social systems or what the people of the world are trying to collectively accomplish by using them.  It is extremely difficult to generate a consensus to take any action, because people cannot agree on what they are trying to accomplish, or how to accomplish it. These system processes have taken over and are now running society, rather than society running the processes.   People have been demoted from being the creators of their systems to reacting to their outcomes.   Teams of nations meet trying to develop consensus of what to do when problems arise, and even if a temporary agreement is reached, they struggle over who is responsible and how to implement recommendations.  To effectively run any process, it must guided by principles which are based on what society is trying to achieve.  The performance of any process should be evaluated by its effectiveness to deliver desired outcomes.  If the goal is to achieve what has been described hereinbefore as rich and fulfilling life, or what was the original intention of the American Dream, then it is factually observable, without question, that society’s systems and processes are not working.  Many of the followers of the world’s religions who believe the purpose of life is to get to heaven, must also acknowledge that these systems are not calling forth the best in humankind.  They may have worked for a short period of time in certain places like America while there were fewer people with an abundance of unused resources to create the land of opportunity, but they are now failing.  Even the original American dream of being free to live one’s own life to pursue individual happiness has been distorted into every man for himself to amass as much wealth as possible as quickly as possible with little or no regard to others.  Poverty rates, unemployment, GDP, health indicators, educational achievement, are all used as indicators as part of feeble attempts to evaluate human systems which are all mostly dependent upon or directly impacted by the omnipotent monetary and economic systems.  What is so odd about this, is that while the world is so obsessively enamored with new technology and innovation to improve economic efficiency, competitiveness and performance, to wipeout deficiencies, to maximize yields, production and returns at any costs with aggressive abandonment – often with little regard to both human and environmental impacts – human society does not apply the same amount of scrutiny, vigor, resources or resolve to redesigning its social systems to deliver what it truly desires.   The issue is so obvious it begs for humanity to ask – why?  What is holding us back?

                  The further humanity continues to descend by using these very limiting systems, the greater the world will experience upheaval and perversions of unfulfilled, natural human desires.  Greed, ignorance, fear and self-righteousness  all originate from the suppressed human spirit crying out to be accepted, respected, admired, free and ultimately loved by others.  The human spirit will naturally rebel from being oppressed to live such an unfulfilling life.  It always has pushed back when suffocating from lack of freedom, self expression and fulfillment.  The human spirit will never stop fighting to experience these rooted in the depths of its own soul.  It is the same spirit that was behind the formation of the United States and its democratic form of government.

                    And so the rising levels of social unrest in the world is a sign of hope.  Finally the people of the world are recognizing that the systems that they live under are no longer working.  Never before has there been a greater lack of faith in government, in the economic, financial, education and religious systems.    People everywhere are waking up that there is something wrong with how their society is organized and operated.  The world is ready to take the next step of human evolution through a new social innovation revolution.  It will not be driven by technology, but driven by the indomitable human spirit, guided by higher life principles.  The current systems are failing in functionality to provide what the people of the world are truly seeking.  The current direction of the world is not sustainable; therefore it must adapt, or become permanently non-functional or in other words – extinct.  Humanity wants peace- not conflict, fairness – not corruption, freedom – not restriction, cooperation – not competition, abundance – not scarcity, sharing – not hoarding, honesty – not dishonestly, transparency – not secrecy, trust – not distrust, happiness – not depression and despair, opportunity – not charity, individuality – not sameness, equality – not inequality, and love – not fear.  People are tired of fighting for the basic right to survive.  They are tired of being angry at the world for not providing them with opportunities to be able to live a fulfilling life.  They are tied of their livelihood being controlled by multibillion dollar corporations whose only purpose is to increase the wealth of its shareholders.  They are tired of living in fear that the world is destroying itself, that there won’t be enough food, water or air.  They are tired of being told that they are sinners, that they aren’t working hard enough, that they aren’t good enough, or that they aren’t smart enough to succeed.  They are tired of hearing about rising costs and threats of war, that their governments and leaders are corrupt.  The world is ready to change. 

                     To change directions, the world must first recognize the failure of its complex, antiquated systems, especially its economic and monetary systems.  This is the most challenging task, given how culturally embedded and out of control these systems are throughout earth’s societies.  (At Uplifting Humanity, I will spend a significant amount of time explaining the flaws in the economic and monetary systems to create the opening of understanding of how a new fundamental system design can free humanity from its seemingly unsolvable problems so it can move forward together to its next evolutionary level.)  It is time to think out of the box of the current social constructs to innovate and move beyond them to establish more advanced systems capable of meeting the needs of significantly greater numbers of people.  And this would not have to come at the expense of others.  Now is the time to evolve, to reorganize societies so their systems and processes can stop contributing to the world’s problems and start fulfilling humanity’s highest aspirations for all people of the world.  This is not a cry for sameness, but for fairness, justice and equal opportunity for all where even the least among us is provided a fair opportunity to live without physical suffering or fear.  This will bring true happiness and joy to the human heart.  This will start by establishing principles and values by which to guide the creation and operation of new social processes.  The construction of these new processes will be guided by a clear sense of what society is trying to achieve in terms of creating living human experiences which are both functional and sustainable. 

                 To initiate this change, something new must intervene to break this destructive cycle.  Something must serve as the catalyst, the spark, to shift the direction of the world so it can begin changing its failed social systems. 

                 The first thing that must change, must come from the individual. Every individual person must play their part in creating the world they desire on the planet by simply following and truly living what has been called the Golden Rule – loving and treating others as they would like to be treated and loved.  And the word ‘others’ in higher states of awareness, means everyone and everything, not just close family and friends.  It is the spark of divine inspiration which comes from the awakening of the human soul.  It is what has been called the rise in human consciousness.  This will begin as a shift in beliefs of who we are as individuals and as a community of people.  This will shift perceptions to awaken ourselves to the dysfunction of our social operating systems.  From the individual will come group action.  Group action will lead to government action.  Government action will lead to world action.  All action will result from a rise in the collective human consciousness which will bring a sense of unity back into the human community.

                  Government action directed by a new social consciousness that combines both the heart and the mind, will lead to the changing of social systems such as the monetary, economic, education, health care and other systems, including government itself.  Everyone will take responsibility to provide opportunities for themselves and everyone else in order to participate in fair and just social systems where they will be free to pursue their personal happiness.  And this freedom will come, not at the expense of others or the environmental life support system of the plant, but in sustainable harmony without causing harm.  It will also lead to an uplifting of the world’s religions calling forth the spiritual divinity in their followers to bring their core messages of love, peace and tolerance out into the world in unprecedented ways that will change society forever.  Humanity will begin to create “on earth what is in heaven.”  Growth and evolution in each sector will support the growth in other sectors.  They will finally begin to work in harmony rather than in contradiction to each other.  This has been said many times in many ways throughout history, with the exception that this is the time that this change must occur, or face the fatal reality of unsustainable trends.   As has been said in the theme of the Star War movies, this will bring balance to the force of life.   Balance is not perfection, but it is sustainable and peaceful.  It is a huge step forward from where we are and have been as a species.  Perfection will take thousands of years, so let’s just give ourselves a chance to try to see what new type of world we can create by finally working together.

The next article on “The Three Most Important Things to Uplift Humanity” will discuss the changes in the future social systems in greater detail.

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