To Cure Cancer, We Must Be Careful What We Wish For

I find it both amusing and tragic that while society claims it is searching for a cure for cancer it seems to overlook what causes cancer.  Is it just a giant mistake or something more insidious behind the claims that we really don’t know what causes it?  China had little cancer a few decades ago.  Cancer, stroke, heart disease, respiratory disease and poisoning are now the five leading causes of death.  After the massive industrialization and trashing of their water, air, soil with toxic chemicals, the cancer rate in many parts of China is now equal or exceeding the US rate, and is far greater than other Asian countries such as Thailand.  Its cancer rate is up over 80% since the 1970’s.  And yet people are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what causes cancer and how to cure it. To solve the cancer epidemic, perhaps we need a little more common sense and a little less science, prayer and money.  If a person gets a pain in their eye every time they stick a fork in it, maybe they should stop sticking the fork in their eye.  Perhaps eliminating cancer is that simple too.  If we stopped polluting our food, our water, our soil, our air, our environment and the things we use and put into our bodies such as bisphenols, dioxins, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals like mercury, endocrine disruptors, etc. we could eliminate almost all cancers. And so why are there not more people studying the relationship between these issues?  Surely there has been enough scientific evidence to link chemicals in the environment to diseases; to justify intensive scientific investigations.

Maybe it is because our institutionalized medical establishment and its multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical partners do not want to stop it from occurring, because they are focused on disease care, not health care; and sick people are good sources of revenue.  Perhaps our institutionalized industry does not want to stop using toxic chemicals because it would force expenditures to develop new, less harmful products and make them less competitive.  Hundreds and hundreds of billions are at stake, even trillions of dollars.

If ignorant, but well intentioned people can keep on donating billions for additional cancer research, we can continue to live pretending like we don’t know that we might be the cause of our own cancer.  Is it not odd that after all the billions of dollars spent over the last several decades, we have not significantly reduced cancer rates, but only on temporarily extending life by developing better ways for people to survive the extremely harmful and potentially lethal processes of destroying malignant cells within the body?  After all a “cure” is only temporary, as defined by our medical society which defines being cured as living for a period of five years without any additional occurrence of cancer appearing in the same general location.  Statistics can be misleading such as a person who is “cured” of skin cancer, only to unfortunately develop health liver cancer or die of heart disease a few years later.

In the not too distant future, perhaps our body bubbles of biology will be able to adapt with organ replacements and other medical advancements to allow us to live even longer in a more toxic world.  And even then, perhaps the one company that can come up with the “cure” to prolong life another five years, and can make hundreds of billions of profits in the process as people drain their bank accounts to pay enormous sums for the drug through their insurance policies.  The current leader is Genentech/Roche with the world’s best selling cancer drug Avastin which cost patients $8000 per month, that’s about $100,000 per year.  In some cases, the drug has kept tumors in check for anywhere from two to five months; however, there is no data showing that it prolongs survival.  Sales in the US alone topped $3 billion.  Roche, spent $9.1 billion on research last year to develop new products.  The total spent on drug research worldwide is staggering.  While society may idealistically think that the goal of this research is to cure cancer, the primary and controlling corporate goal is to sell more drugs and increase profits.  These corporations would not be conducting cancer research if they did not think they could make money at it.  And so with greater corporate success, we can then add more drugs to our water supply as we urinate and defecate hundreds of new toxic pharmaceuticals into our water systems, all with scientifically proven harmful side effects, creating complex drug cocktails in our drinking water. There is not a water treatment plant in the world that has the capabilities of taking out these drugs and chemicals.  Hundreds of millions of people ingest this every day.  No one has a clue what effects it has on our biological systems, but it is not good, and it is getting worse.

Wishing for a profit motivated, disease dependent industry to develop a cure for cancer is the wrong approach.  Its costs are far greater than the  profits it generates. From an economic point of view, we do not want to observe what is happening as a larger portion of the world’s wealth is spent on treating the disease.  While disease care is profitable for the medical, pharmaceutical and now insurance industries, ultimately it is unprofitable for humanity.  Society is spending huge sums of money unnecessarily on what can only be accounted as expensive liabilities (treating diseases) which do not on a macro-economic level contribute to human productivity and asset building endeavors.  It is now estimated that cancer costs human society $895 billion per year in lost productivity making it most costly disease on the planet.  While this spending is an unfortunate necessity from being stuck with our current health system, like war and its military expenditures, these costs are true expenses that accumulate into massive deficit liabilities. All of this takes desperately needed resources from investments that would be positive asset builders for society.  Spending less to keep people healthy in the first place would save almost another trillion dollars in lost productivity and free up hundreds of billions of dollars annually that could be invested in educating children, in the arts, training to put the chronically unemployed back to work, in implementing environmental controls for industry, rebuilding infrastructure, or at the basic level, feeding the starving.  Millions of frustrated health care workers could shift into more productive endeavors and help build the asset base of their local communities, rather than flushing precious resources down the bottomless, black hole of treating chronic diseases like cancer.

Isn’t it also odd that we describe cancer based on where it is located in the body?  She has liver cancer, he has brain cancer, skin cancer, bone cancer, etc. How primitive can we be? Should it not be she has dioxin cancer or asbestos cancer or pesticide cancer or fluoride cancer, etc?  It would be like describing all car accidents where they occurred such as a parkway accident, an interstate accident or a main street accident rather than describing the real causes such as drunk driving, speeding, slippery roads, running a red light, reckless driving, etc.   Accident analysis is what results in society enforcing DUI, posting speed limits, hold driver education, warning signs, etc. to prevent or eliminate accidents.  It would be just as silly to classify plane crashes as water, runway or land crashes depending upon where they occurred.  As long as we can keep the obvious cause of cancer out of the public’s attention and pretend it is a mysterious, localized dysfunction within certain organs, we can keep the ruse going.  We can avoid addressing the cause of the problem. We can avoid having to prevent or eliminate the incurable disease. While millions more of people worldwide continue to die of cancer every year despite the efforts of our highly sophisticated and educated medical professionals, at least we can be thankful for our less formally educated policemen doing proper analytical reporting that is shared with our transportation engineers to save lives and prevent injuries.  If it was not for their common sense approach, our average life expectancy might be about thirty years or less if we rode in car or flew in a plane.

In discussing human life expectancy, common sense demands that we cannot have an honest dialog without including the interrelationship of humans with their environment.  Our bodies have a closer, symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth than most people realize.  And the word Mother is not used figuratively, but as a serious metaphor because our species is absolutely dependent upon her for life.  If we stopped polluting industrially, agriculturally and now pharmaceutically, and live cleanly – eat clean foods, drink clean water, breath clean air and think clean thoughts, perhaps our bodies as designed would last for hundreds of years if not indefinitely.  Could or would God and nature create anything less?  We would be almost physically immortal.  But trashing our bodies by trashing our environment, ingesting toxic substances is primitive species behavior, as is hoping that science can eventually eliminate or neutralize the self inflicted problem.  We would not expect a splinter to heal until we removed it, so why would we expect the cancer to heal as long as we ingest toxins? Treating symptoms will never solve the problem which must be addressed at its root causes.  True science should be based on cause and effect.  Change the cause and change the effect.  For today’s cancer treatments, we focus almost all of our energy on the after effect.  And so society will continue to poison the very environment which it is dependent upon to support all life.  As big as the earth is, all life including our own is dependent upon a fragile few inches of top soil in order to survive.  Similarly, as big as space is, our atmosphere is just a tiny, tiny portion of it which provides protection from solar radiation and oxygen to breathe.  Whether it is land, air or water, the relationships between them and us are inseparable.   As we treat them, so it is how we treat ourselves.

To treat our dis-eases, our medical system has also focused a large part of its resources on detection.  Early detection somehow today has become synonymous with prevention.  This is another distortion of meaning for the unaware public to accept as gospel from our medical establishment.  Thanks to such advancements in physics leading to the development of MRI’s, our detection systems can now detect smaller masses of millions of cells within our bodies – tumors.  Using blood cell chemistry in detection has not advanced a great deal other than reducing the time it takes to run test.  But who is monitoring at the molecular level, the cellular absorption of toxins that cause genetic mutations and other metabolic abnormalities which result in cancerous cell growth? Why are we not routinely running blood chemistry tests to detect levels of toxins in our bodies?   We spend billions on biomedical research to inject genes into individual cells to develop new life forms, but why don’t we inject known toxins into cells and monitor the development of life as the cell multiplies?  If we really wanted to know, we would already know how long it takes on average once a toxin is introduced microscopically into the body for it to develop into genetic or other known metabolic mutations.  If we really wanted to know, we would already know how long it then takes for the mutating cells to grow into a tumor of millions of cells, large enough to be detected by our medical scanning equipment.   Based on current literature on average cell life and reproduction, it is very easy to see how it could take ten, twenty or even thirty years for an alien growth to wear down the body’s natural immune system and become large enough to be detected.   A typical high school graduate should be able to understand this concept after a basic biology class, let alone our medical doctors, that the ‘first cause’ happens at this cellular and sub cellular level.

This is basic science where cause and effect can be physically observed.  But we ignore these obvious observations because as a society, we do not want to accept the truth about our insidious, self-destructive and primitive behaviors as a species.  We do this because there is no one who will fund research that does not lead to new, marketable products that can generate profits and create jobs.  With pursuit of profit as the guiding principle and motivation, what corporation would take money away from quarterly earnings to spend on fixing something that might not be a problem for thirty or more years into the future, decades after the career of the current CEO?  And so, nearly all of society’s health care resources are focused on cancer after it has become large enough to be detected and life threatening to justify insurance payments for costly treatments.  This is usually years after the initial disease origination point caused by the initial assault within our bodies at the cellular, molecular and atomic levels.

This is the behavior of a disease care system; not a health care system.  A true health care system would focus on initial causes to keep people healthy, not just treat them when the intrusion in the body has become so overwhelming that they are outwardly, physically sick.  A true health care system would be operated within a human society that was truly concerned about long term economic sustainability and the quality of life of current and future generations.  But for now, we have created a false health care system which depends upon the expenditure of tens of thousands of dollars per patient, or hundreds of billions of annual expenses to exist.  This system has become institutionalized in its thinking to enable itself to continue operating, or another way of understanding this is that it is difficult to get people to listen when their paycheck depends upon them not listening.  This imbedded culture has not only taken on a self perpetuating life of its own; but it attacks alternative care and disease prevention efforts by withholding insurance coverage or through regulatory control.

And so a big part of the effort to eliminate the scourge of cancer plaguing life on our planet must be about creating awareness of the economic and environmental futility in treating symptoms in order to change the system.  If the system is not aligned to deliver the desired outcomes, change the alignment or the system.  But in the meantime, it is absolutely an abomination of true Newtonian science of cause and effect to ignore measurable observations.  We feel we have advanced so far technologically, yet we are still very primitive in so many ways.  With this level of institutionalized ignorance, it will take decades to solve these observable consequences of contaminating our environment, let alone advance to the level of understanding about thought and energy and their combined impact on diseases such as cancer for it is more subtle and even less observable.

A few decades ago we determined that stress, a mental or emotional state, does have an adverse affect on our health.  But other than using basic science to develop drugs to try to once again minimize outwardly physical effects such as anti depressants or sedatives, mainstream medicine or science has not advanced in either understanding the impact or addressing the cause and effect of wrong or toxic thought – which just might be proven someday to be the most biologically damaging toxin of all.  As a result it is not surprising that depression continues to grow effecting tens of millions of people in the US alone.  To move beyond this, it will take a giant leap forward in applying Quantum science, or unobservable effects of thought and energy vibration at sub atomic levels, on curing disease.  But this advancement will not be possible as long as we remain stuck at our primitive level of science that ignores basic physical evidence.

In summation, the species will not survive the continued obscene levels of outright abominations that we inflict on the earth and on ourselves.  Trying to find a cure for cancer to allow us to continue this trashing of life will only accelerate our demise and ultimately increase human suffering beyond its already high levels.  Life will eventually cease to exist with a continuation along our current path.  Humans can’t continue to violate the laws of nature, contaminating their only space travelling biosphere with all sorts of poisons, and expect to get away with it. Finding a “cure” for cancer as many wish for, will only temporary prolong life long enough to allow greater biological degradation from which there will be no cure.

Our existence in physical form is far more temporary than it needs to be because of the physical and mental stresses we have placed upon ourselves.  It is time for humanity to wake up and fix problems like cancer at the source of its cause, rather than insanely continuing to pay for a cure of a self inflicted disease.  We have the power to do this right now, to end the causes of disease.  Sadly because of this epidemic of wrong thinking and failure of human society to act to correct the problem at its source, millions of people will continue to suffer and die.  Just think what humans would be able to accomplish if they truly focused on stopping disease, rather than limiting their efforts to those actions that will maximize profits.

We claim we respect life, but do we really?  The biblical concept of the body being the temple of God is valid as is the divine gift of life.  It was created for spiritual beings like us as a beautiful gift to experience life. As a species, we have been given the powers of creation and the free will to use it to collectively create life in physical form anyway we desire on our planet to be experienced through the senses of our body.  The physical sensations of pain and suffering we all experience are mostly products of either our individual or our collective creations.  If we don’t enjoy the pain and suffering of cancer or any other dysfunctions, maybe we should create a different a world.  We have the power to do this right now.  So as it relates to cancer and health care, maybe we should be praying more for humanity to begin respecting life enough to stop self inflicting disease on itself and destroying our bio-systems which supports all human life. Until large enough majorities of the people truly want to choose life over death in all situations demonstrated through their personal choices, we cannot expect our institutionalized systems to change.

Perhaps the message of all human suffering – not just cancer – is to alert others to fix things at their source, that something is naturally out of order, dysfunctional and not sustainable.  It is a call to action.  Those millions that have died and the millions more that will leave this dimension of experiential existence prematurely, send us loud and clear messages that many have misinterpreted as a need to cure disease; rather than, a call to stop humanity’s  destructive and life killing practices thatcreate disease.

This is an important distinction because if we are not careful, we will destroy ourselves, our entire species, biologically.  We have already abused antibiotics, by over prescribing; we have prevented our immune systems to naturally develop resistance while at the same time, created antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses that could kill hundreds of millions of people.  Thousands are already dying of staff infections which are becoming a new leading cause of death in of all places – hospitals, supposedly our most sterile and controlled environments.  When will science learn that it can’t bypass millions of years of evolution through poorly thought out interventions and not expect adverse effects from the abrupt intrusions?

The same can be said for bio-medical research into GMO’s.  Genetic manipulation appears great from a limited, micro quantitative perspective of usually trying to make something bigger to sell in order to generate more profits, but who is really evaluating it qualitatively from a natural evolutionary perspective of the impact on complex interdependent living plant and animal systems?  Who is developing tests to monitor the long term effects on full life cycles?  As a human species, we aren’t.  We do not yet fully understand how the technologies of the life systems of our planet and universe work; but we are interfering with them.   We act like small children that just discovered a box of matches in the house.  It may be really cool to watch them ignite, but if we are not careful, it might prove fatal for everyone.  If we are not careful, our technology will destroy us if we do not also advance in our consciousness on how to use it wisely.  The key problem facing humanity is not a question of advancing our technical abilities to solve problems like cancer, but our understandings of the problems our technologies create for sustaining life systems. And when it comes to understanding natural systems which were created over millions of years, overall our society is not just primitive, but barbarically destructive.

We must get our heads out the sand.  Our species is so primitive that we have neither the intelligence to recognize the destructiveness of our actions nor the willingness to react to their obvious failures. This applies to single man-made systems let alone the relationships between systems like our profit driven economic system and our dysfunctional health care system which we self-created just over a period of decades.  Even with health related industries, the relationship has turned economically parasitic between providers and insurers, all trying to maximize profits at the expense of the patient.  This is why our current medical industry, microscopically, narrow mindedly focused on disease care, does not lead efforts to counter the destructive practices of the pharmaceutical, chemical or other industries.  It is outside of their isolated system and institutionalized thinking.  The best we can hope for is that they can become more active in sounding the alarm; but even then, it will be up to society in general to be open minded enough to hear the message and be willing to take action to correct the problem.

Shifting from our current system to stop not just cancer, but all disease from occurring in the first place will be extremely profitable for society and all of its people in the long run, much more cost effective than trying to cure it. And so we must be very careful about what we wish for, because it might just be supporting our most destructive behaviors and lead to irreversible human tragedy.

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